Video: Bridgford '07 Highlights Video:  Bridgford '07 Highlights

Southern California boasts one of it's more talent-rich years in quarterbacks this year. Always a hotbed for talent in general, the SoCal region may well boast as many as 3 of the 2008 class of Elite 11 this year.

A leading candidate for one of the coveted slots is Mission Viejo quarterback Allan Bridgford.

The 6-4/217 Bridgford combines an excellent ability to throw from the pocket or on the run as well as the ability to elude the rush and pick up extra yardage when a play breaks down, throwing for 2508 yards and 22 td's in '07 and rushing for 2 more.

For a look at Part 1 of Bridgford's junior season highlights,

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