Annual Surplus Sale Set for Saturday

Annual Surplus Sale Set for Saturday

If you've ever wanted to own an authentic Cal football jersey, be sure to visit the athletic department's annual surplus sale at the south end of Memorial Stadium on Saturday, April 12th at 9 a.m. prior to the open spring practice which will take place at noon.

This year's sale will include approximately 4,000 items including football, volleyball, and baseball uniforms, practice jerseys, a few sets of shoulder pads, football sweats, football shoes, basketball shoes - especially plus sizes - and pretty much anything they have with a Cal logo on it.

No helmets will be availabe for sale. 

Past sales have been extremely popular, and last year all items were sold in less than three hours.

Unlike the jerseys sold at games or at the Cal student store which have screened on numbers, the game jerseys available for sale will have tackle twill numbers. Because of NCAA regulations, no jerseys with the names of current players will be available for sale, although some jerseys with names of past players may be availabe according to equipment manager Ed Garland.

The football jerseys are always the fastest selling items and are expected to sell in the $60 range. Asked whether he's ever thought about raising the prices to bring in more revenue, for Garland, it wasn't an issue.

"The typical Cal fans who come out to the games and pay for tickets and support the team are deserving of getting Cal gear without paying an arm and a leg," said Garland.

The sale will be held in the food court area at the south end of the stadium just inside the iron gates.  While last year's sale was hampered by rain, this Saturday's weather is expected to be warm with temperatures expected to be in the high 70s.

Notes...Richard Fisher saw work with Offensive Grouping A at left guard., while Boskovich worked with Offensive Grouping B...the wide receivers were used throughout all three units...Charles Johnson and Shea McIntyre saw work with Defensive Grouping A in place of Tony Felder and Zack Follett...Sean Cattouse saw some work with Defensive Grouping A

The usual caveats remain: since Wednesday's groupings   were captured towards the tail-end of practice, it's possible that players appeared earlier and were held out later; because of the large number of substitutions within each unit, this list is not exhaustive, and finally these were the units that players were broken up into during 11-on-11s and are not necessarily indicative of the current depth chart. Also, units are fluid from practice to practice, so the receivers for Unit B in one practice could vary a lotfrom the Unit B receivers in the following practice...The very final segment of 11-on-11s focused on situations during the goal line.  With the different formation that were being used, the traditional A, B, and C groupings didn't apply as pesonnel were shifted in and out...

Offensive Grouping A:  Michael Calvin, Jeremy Ross, Nyan Boateng, Alex Stroud, Cameron Morrah, Mike Tepper, Richard Fisher, Alex Mack, Noris Malele, Chet Teofilo, Kevin Riley, Tracy Slocum, Will Taufoou

Offensive Grouping B:  Jeremy Ross, LaReylle Cunningham, Alex Stroud, Nyan Boateng, Tad Smith, Skyler Curren, Mike Tepper, Matt Laird, Mark Boskovich, Chris Guarnero, Kevin Bemoll, Mitchell Schwartz, Justin Cheadle, Brock Mansion, Peter Geurts, Brian Holley

Offensive Grouping C:  Michael Calvin, Jeremy Ross, Nyan Boateng, Savaii Eselu, Garry Graffort, T.J. Emery, Todd Huber, Justin Prueitt, Chris Guarnero, Matt Summers-Gavin, Sam DeMartinis, Cory Smits, Peter Geurts, John Tyndall

Defensive Grouping A:  Tyson Alualu, Mika Kane, Rulon Davis, Shea McIntyre, Charles Johnson, Eddie Young, Worrell Williams, Marcus Ezeff, Bernard Hicks, Sean Cattouse, Chris Conte, Syd'Quan Thompson

Defensive Grouping B:  Scott Smith, Cameron Jordan, Derrick Hill, Keith Browner, Mike Costanzo, Ernest Owusu, Solomona Aigamaua, Devin Bishop, Worrell Williams, Charles Johnson, Shea McIntyre, Darian Hagan, Brett Johnson, Sean Cattouse, Gary Doxy

Defensive Grouping C:  Michael Costanzo, Keith Browner, Solomona Aigamaua, Ernest Owusu, Kendrick Payne, Charles Johnson, Devin Bishop, Shea McIntyre, Charles Amadi, Sean Cattous, Gary Doxy, Jesse Brooks

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