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Quick, who wears #68?

Although he's seldom on the field for more than 12 plays in any game, each of those plays is critical for a perfectionist like long snapper Nick Sundberg. After looking at holder and Bryan Van Meter yesterday, today we look at Sundberg, some of the finer points of long snapping, how the North Canyon High School grad ended up becoming a long snapper, what brought him to Cal and his unusual hobby.

When Nick Sundberg saw the rain coming down prior to Cal's game against USC, he wasn't pleased.  For someone who sets a high standard for himself - "I look at like if it's not the best snap ever, I'm not happy with it" - the rain meant that more than usual, for his dozen plays, he'd have to emphasize averting disaster. Even in perfect weather, the Bears couldn't afford to concede bad field...

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