Saturday Practice: Tedford's Brief Comments

Saturday Practice: Tedford's Brief Comments

The Bear Insider met briefly with Coach Tedford today after this Saturday's morning practice to get a few quick updates on the goals for the day and on player injury status.

"The focus today was inside the 10 yard line, things like 3rd and 5 from the five, 4th and 1 from the one," said Tedford.

"You try to have an emphasis every day, you know, things like first and 10, or first & second downs, or third downs, or goal line offense and defense, two minute drills, and so on. Today was a goal line day, so there was a lot of that today."

We asked about Will Ta'ufo'ou's knee where he suffered a clean but sideways hit from Bernard Hicks in Tuesday's practice.

"Will has an MCL sprain, so he's going to be out 3 to 6 weeks," said Tedford.

We also asked about Derrick Hill's status since a healthy and well manned defensive line will be critical for the Tennessee game - and through the season.

"Well his back is finally settling down. It's finally getting to the point where he's doing some things - it was pretty locked up in the beginning and he really couldn't do anything. So now his back is calming down and he's able to do some things on the sideline. But now he's got to get into shape because he hasn't been able to do anything.

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