Cheadle Picks Cal

Cheadle Picks Cal

Bakersfield offensive/defensive lineman Justin Cheadle became the Cal Bears first interior lineman to commit in 2006. The 6-4/267, 4 star Cheadle gave the Bears the word this weekend that he'd be heading to Berkeley

The athletic lineman was a top priority for the Bears interior line recruiting. Cheadle stars both ways for the Drillers, playing offensive tackle as well as nose guard in Bakersfield's 3-5 defense. Cheadle's position at Cal is as yet undetermined and it will be decided later whether he'll line up on the offensive or defensive side of the ball, although it appears a bit more likely that he'll begin his career at Cal on the OL.

Cheadle also showed his athletic versatility by starring for the 22-7 Bakersfield basketball squad in their successful '05-06 season that ended with a loss to Edison in the CIF Central Section Semifinals. Cheadle averaged 13.6 points and 6.9 rebounds a game for the Drillers.

Bakersfield had success on the gridiron in '05 as well, winning the CIF Central Section championship with a 35-28 win over Bullard.

Cheadle had previously visited Cal with his parents in August and was impressed enough to put Cal at the top of his list with Stanford. His visit to Berkeley this weekend put Cal squarely at the top of his list.

"I was really impressed with the team on Saturday," said Cheadle. "They just really get after it. They were really well-coached and really disciplined.

"After the game and went out to dinner that night. Then we went to breakfast in the morning and I had a one on one with Coach Tedford."

Later that morning with all the positive impressions, Cheadle gave the word to the Bears staff that he'd committed to Cal.

Cheadle also was impressed with the players he met, as well as some of his future teammates.

"They were pretty cool," said Cheadle. "I talked to a couple of the guys that already committed last night after getting back and I had a good time with Alex (Lagemann) and my host, (freshman WR) Jeremy Ross. He was really cool. Shane Vereen was there, too.

"I always thinking about committing to Cal, but something told me when I was there, just go ahead and commit to Cal. I like the coaches. I like the players. I love the area. I'll get a top education. It's a top program. I really think they'll compete for the Pac 10 championship. Every thing's just really good about them. I'm just really impressed with the whole program," concluded Cheadle.

To see Justin Cheadle's player page, use this link.

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