Laguna Creek WR Jeremy Ross Names Cal

Laguna Creek WR Jeremy Ross Names Cal

Laguna Creek WR Jeremy Ross became Cal's first commitment from their big recruiting event this past weekend. The speedy (4.39 forty) 6-0/190 receiver gave the Bears the word that he'd be committing before he left Berkeley.

"Man, I had a real, real good time up at Cal," said Ross. I had a lot of fun. We had a chance to hang out a lot with the coaches and get to know them. The coaches are really cool. The players are really easy to get to know, too. They're a real family there. I spent most of my time with Worrell Williams who's from Grant High School in Sacramento, (LB) Desmond Bishop, (WR) Drew Glover and DeSean Jackson. All the players have great personalities.

"DeSean told me about what I can expect athletically and academically making the jump from high school to college," said Ross. He was real complimentary of the program and told me all about the support system they have there at Cal.

Ross broke the news of his commitment on the second day of the visit.

"My dad and I pulled aside Coach Tedford when we were all over at his house," said Ross. "I told him that I was ready to make my decision and that I wanted to be a Bear. He was real happy. He just said, 'Right on.'"

"Cal's got a beautiful program," said Jeremy's father, Jordan Ross. "I was really impressed with the camaraderie amongst the coaches and the family atmosphere they have at Cal. Their hospitality to their recruits and their families was excellent and they have a lot to offer a player there.

"Jeremy had been on one other official visit and has had other contact with coaches throughout the recruiting process, but Cal's staff just really stood out as being very honest and sincere and they believe in keeping it real.

"Cal's really a great fit for Jeremy academically and in a lot of other ways," said Mr. Ross. He told me he just felt really comfortable there and that this was the right move for him and that, even outside of football, Cal is a place where he can grow up - a place where he can become a man."

Ross reminds observers of another Sacramento area Cal signee - (Cal frosh DB) Syd Quan Thompson. Both have been do-it-all type players whose coaches lined them up on the field wherever they had the best opportunity to get the ball in their hands.

Ross' statistics give evidence of those efforts, with an unusual balance between running, receiving and return yardage. During Laguna Creek's 6-5 season, Ross ran for 926 yards, caught the ball 45 times for 683 yards through the air and added several hundred yards in punt and kickoff returns including one for a 90 TD.

Given Ross' stats and outstanding 4.39 forty time at the Nike combine this past summer, it's somewhat surprising that Ross has remained somewhat under the radar in recruiting circles.

"It's always kind of been like that for Jeremy," said his father Jordan. "He's learned a lot of lessons over the years that sometimes you don't always get the breaks in life and sometimes you've got to make your own. I always told Jeremy to use that as motivation and make sure you make people remember you. If you make a hit, make people remember that hit. If you score a touchdown, make sure it sticks in people's minds and make sure to make every opportunity you get count. And he did. That's the kind of kid Jeremy is."

With Cal's recruitment at the receiver position possibly done for this season - with the other WR commit from Daniel Lofton - Ross will get the opportunity to make people remember him at the next level in years to come.

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