Cal Gains 4-Star Commit at Wide Receiver

Jesse Canada

<p>The Bear Insiders spoke tonight with new Cal recruit Jesse Canada on his commitment to the Cal Bears. The rangy and elusive (4.51-40, 6-1&frac12;) receiver made the call for Cal after meeting with Wide Receivers Coach Eric Kiesau after his basketball tournament game on Thursday.</p>

Jesse’s been an all-everything player for his Monrovia team for the past two years, playing receiver, tailback and cornerback on defense, along with returning kicks and punts. When asked to describe what he’s about on the field, Canada cited his overall awareness as plays develop and his playmaking ability.

“I’m out there to make something happen. If there’s a way to break up a play, break tackles, get open deep or figure out a way to score, that’s what I try to do. I don’t go down easily - running after the catch is one of my strengths.”

Field awareness often sets apart the best players, especially QBs and DBs, and if Jesse can carry those instincts over to the field as a Pac-10 player, he’ll have a leg up on his competition.

Jesse considers himself a strong possession receiver. His point guard basketball skills come in handy when handling the ball – he can palm a basketball and if a football’s within his grasp, “I’m going to get it.”

After a rash of injuries to many of Cal’s starting and backup receivers in ’04, the stage is set for Canada to have a strong opportunity to make a quick impact. When asked if redshirting was a possibility, he stated that he knew that always was a possibility, but signs point to him probably playing early in his career.

Canada visited Cal on November 20 for the Big Game vs. Stanford. The impression the players and Cal coaches made on him was a strong one. “They’re really close and that’s important to me. I’m close to my family, too and this was a way to get off on my own a little bit to a great place –the Bay Area and a school and campus with a lot going for it. But it’s close enough to home to be able to visit regularly and for my family to come up and watch me play. That means a lot to me.”

Jesse’s career and recruitment has been followed closely by a large number of Bear fans. His excitement to start his career at Cal is a sentiment shared by many wearing the blue and gold.

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