The Hawk: Stellar WR Heads for Cal

The Hawk: Stellar WR Heads for Cal

<p>The Bear Insider caught up with highly touted new Cal commit Lavelle Hawkins earlier this week. The 5&#8217;11 185 lb CCSF wide receiver has everything, but it&#8217;s his speed and his sure hands that set him apart.

The Stockton product cited a desire to stay local and to be a part of the growth of a burgeoning top program as his main reasons for committing to the Cal program last week. “They have an excellent coaching staff and the players all seem to get along great, so that’s a good thing,” stated Hawkins.

We spoke with City College of San Francisco Offensive Coordinator Dan Hayes about Hawkins and Cal’s recruiting involvement with CCSF this year. Hayes noted what a good job Coach Jeff Tedford is doing in building a Cal-CCSF connection. It happens that some D-1 schools pursue JC prospects warily, sometimes coming across like they’re pursuing a “convict” or a mercenary. Hayes noted that Tedford treats CCSF and their players with respect, and is establishing credibility with the perennial powerhouse program across the bay.

Hawkins was one of the most highly recruited prospects in the nation during his senior season in 2003. Holding a boatload of offers, Lavelle chose LSU as his destination of choice. He went for summer bridge classes the summer of 2003 and attended classes in the fall semester for two weeks while weighing what he wanted for his future.

Eventually he came to the conclusion the LSU was not for him and asked for his release from his scholarship. LSU however, would not release Hawkins, so he decided to transfer to CCSF to be closer to home and to further develop his skills at the successful program.

Because he was not released from his scholarship, he has to obtain his AA degree from CCSF before he can attend Cal. Hawkins plans to supplement advanced placement units achieved in high school and his summer units from LSU with units from CCSF to obtain his AA in the spring.

Hawkins is looking forward to being on the Cal campus for fall practice and sees a real opportunity to make a major contribution during his first year at Cal – the 2005 season. Hawkins will have four years to play three, as did quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was also a full-qualifier out of high school.

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