Robert Peele Confirms Interest in Cal

Robert Peele Confirms Interest in Cal

The Bear Insider spoke with Robert Peele today; we caught him at lunchtime at Edison High in Fresno California. After two losses earlier in the season, Robert and his teammates are just coming off a win over archrival Clovis High.

Robert clearly has Cal in the lead as has been reported by other observers. He thoroughly enjoyed the Big Game atmosphere at Berkeley during his visit, but paid closer attention to the relationships between players, and between coaches and players. Robert says that the decisions about the people he will be working with and competing alongside are high on his list of issues.

Peele noted that while USC has been in contact, they have him scheduled for his visit there on January 14 - rather late in the recruiting season. This poses a risk: should that visit not go well, Robert is concerned that options might close by that date.

J D Williams, DB Coach at Cal, particularly impressed Peele, both as a proud owner of super bowl rings, but also as a teacher. They spent some time together with JD illustrating some of the teaching and training techniques he uses. Bernard Hicks, said by some to be one of the most talented safety prospects at Cal in years, graduated from Edison HS a year ago and is Roberts's good friend - and his host at Cal.

This 5'11 180 lb senior cornerback runs the 40 in 4.5 seconds - and says his primary skill is his ability to recognize plays early in their development. He also has been online, early, watching interest in his skills develop on the Internet - including visits to The Bear Insider.


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