Rookie NFL Bears Report

Rookie NFL Bears Report

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Kyle (Ravens, #8) looks like he will be the only NFL rookie QB to start this year. What a ride for him! A few more pre-season games before it's finalized. He is expected to be the starting QB in the Ravens next preseason game this week on Saturday against the Washington Redskins who have Cal alum and NFL veteran DE Regan Upshaw on their roster.

Tully Banta-Cain, (Patriots, #48) will probably be on PUP (physically unable to perform -- due to an off season injury he's rehabbing), delaying his rookie debut until at least 6-9 weeks into the regular season. (When he does get on the field, he will most likely be wearing a new number--linebacker's # in the 50 series). He has not participated in the team's training camp, which is why he is eligible for PUP. The Patriots, as a general rule, do not disclose injuries. The Patriots beat the Eagles Friday night (8/23). The Patriots have the personnel and coaching to have a very exciting season ahead of them.

Daniel Nwangwu (Raiders, #61) is with Oakland Raiders as a free agent trying to earn a spot and was in the game last week against the 49ers.

Though Nnamdi Asomugha (Raiders, #10) was held out of that game (at least I didn't see him-injury), I think we'll be seeing a lot of him starting in this week's match.

Note: Langston Walker (Raiders # 66) is becoming highly valued around the league. The Raider's lost to the Vikings on Friday night.

I didn't see LaShaun Ward (chiefs #5) last week when the KC Chiefs had their first preseason game, but I heard he had a great camp.

Tidbits: And, Scott Fujita (Chiefs #51) is making a name for himself around the league as a premier linebacker on the Chiefs.

Dameane Douglas (Chiefs #82) had a bad knee injury (I think?) from the first preseason game, but I saw a blurb on that he will be playing in this Saturday's game.Kansas City plays at Seattle this Saturday.

Scott Tercero (Rams #63) was injured during camp and is hopefully back in action -- don't know if he was in the game against the Raiders or preseason game #2 played earlier this week against the Buccaneers, but do those Rams ever look good.

I was sorry to see Mark Jensen (Lions) get cut, but we may see him on another team's roster soon. 

Jemeel Powell (Lions #38) is still there and I heard he's having a great camp. The Lion's play at home against Cleveland on Saturday.

Key NFL dates for our NFL Bears and around the league are August 26 when they cut the rosters down from approximately 80 to a 65-man roster, and then the last pre-season games will take place on August 27, 28, 29 & 30. August 31st is when they make the final roster cuts down to the 53-man roster. Teams are also allowed 5 players plus 1 b/u QB on their practice squad and then those on PUP or IR do not count against that roster.

Tidbit: The difference between PUP and IR is that with PUP, a player can be activated within the season after game 6 of the regular season. If the player is put on IR, then they cannot be activated for the rest of the season.

Saturday is a big football day around the country. The problem with the preseason NFL games is that many are only shown on local or regional stations. I'm most looking forward to the Bears at Kansas City game. I think the Bears have a talented team again this season and I'm excited. Out of curiosity, I took a look at Kansas State's most recent draft and current NFL personnel and interestingly the Bears and Cats have even representation. This year's draft took 4 players from each school's roster and each school has 3-4 free agents on NFL teams trying to make the final roster. Total number of personnel representing each school currently on contract with an NFL team is Bears 31 (Nwangwu is not on list yet), Kansas State 31. (All this is based on's info


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